Dry Kleen Green

  • Kleen-A-Matic uses environmentally-friendly EcoSolve Solvent.
  • EcoSolve is a petroleum based solvent. 95% of all our solvent used is recycled within our dry cleaning plants, keeping our solvent out of the water treatment plants and drinking water.
  • We use biodegradable/recyclable Eco-Green Poly garment bags.
  • We offer free hanger caddies which offers a convenient way to recycle hangers to help reduce waste.
  • Kleen-A-Matic is a PERC-free dry cleaners.
  • Swamp Coolers are used to cool workers at all locations. Swamp Coolers are environmentally-friendly cooling units that use water and fans to create cooler air. We also use heat from our boilers to heat each store.